Great Product at Work

Stuck Tight will take phone holder to new level of excitement.

Awesome Product

Our product is only one in the market that you can hold up to 2kg or 4lbs.

Quality Product and Glue use

Look great and strong with rich detail and quality.

Awesome Support

Communicate with us using by email, text, our Social media and our 800 number


Good for Selfie

Stuck Tight to wall and use your front camera and the timer on your phone.

Very easy to use

Simple product with simple usage. Its so easy just stuck it tight and watch it hold on to anything.


Stuck Tight will become the true product that will give you freedom to do multi task.

Friendly Support

Our support team is available to take on any task and issue you might have with our product.

Very Secure Product

We have tested our product and your device can’t be any safer then with our product.


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