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Our Great Story

Everyone has experienced that moment when you want to read an article or an ebook, play a game or watch a video, and you can’t figure out how to get your phone to stay put.

There are dozens of manufacturers making cases for phones so they don’t slip out of their owners’ hands. But there don’t seem to be enough designs for a simple-to-use, durable and high-quality device that will allow any user to park their phone permanently.

Until now. We’ve been in business since 1986, and during that time, we’ve come up with a lot of marketable ideas. Recently we developed some glue. Not just any glue, but a sticky surface that is strong enough to support the weight of modern mobile electronic devices. It can hold a phone in place well enough that we knew we had the basis for a breakthrough in mobile convenience.

We took our glue and invented a device called the Stuck Tight. All our device does is support the weight of your phone. You can stick your phone to the surface of the product and it will stay there, whether you hang it on a wall, lean it against a support or hold it upside down.

Now this may not seem like a big deal until you realize how powerful a hands-free phone really is. With modern voice-control mechanisms, you will be able to use almost all the features of your smartphone while your hands are free to perform other tasks. A good example would be cooking, or auto repair.

Imagine being able to page instructions for a recipe or water pump replacement from three feet away while you are working, and even better, to have the phone oriented such that you can see the instructions! You will be totally hand’s free. You never thought about something this small can make your life hand’s free. And they stick to any walls allowing you to use both your hands for other task.

You can use this product over 1000 times before you will need to replace it. If it gets dirty and is not sticky then all you need to do is clean the sticky part with water and let it dry.

You can now ditch the selfie stick and stop extending your arms out to take selfie. And also have you ever asked someone to take your picture or group of friends. Now all you need to do is Stuck Tight to a wall and with timer on your phone take instant picture. Its that simple and you don’t need to ask a stranger anymore.
This is all you will need for your phone or your tablet. This product will hold up to 4 lbs.

And its not just great for the adult but for the hold family. You can now watch your Youtube and have both your hands free to do other task. But the good part of this product is that it doesn’t just work with your phone or tablet but if you put your imagination to work there is no limit for its usage.


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